New Savanna Escape M&S shower cream on test

New Savanna Escape M&S shower cream on test

This cream is inspired by the warm exotic trails of the rolling Savanna… but how did it fare in the shower?

Yours Verdict

Product: M&S stockist: 0333 014 8555
Price: £3.00
Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3/5)

M&S Savanna Escape Sunset Bliss Conditioning Shower Cream

What it claims…

Inspired by the warm exotic trails of the rolling Savanna, this seductively fragranced shower cream is enriched with moisturising shea extracts. Further enhanced with African marula oil, known for its hydrating and nourishing properties and used for centuries by the Tsonga people of Africa as a natural moisturiser.


What we thought…

I'm always sceptical of claims to transport me to faraway lands while I'm having a quick shower before work so I was intrigued to try this shower cream! The cream itself is actually a gel and smells amazing - you can really tell it has shea butter in it.

It has a rich sticky consistency in my view and I didn't really feel that clean afterwards though I did smell nice. I think that shea butter is better suited as a body moisturiser - having said that I didn't really need to apply a separate body lotion! Overall, I wouldn't buy again as the cream was really too rich and the smell is a little too overpowering. Good price though and if my skin was drier perhaps it would have felt better.