Nespresso CitiZ and Milk review

Nespresso CitiZ and Milk review
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Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

They say...

Optimised for urban living, the refreshed Nespresso CitiZ machine design is the perfect accompaniment for any modern kitchen with its slim proportions and classic styling.

What our reviewer thought...

I like a good coffee. Not the instant kind, but a proper, strong coffee. Unfortunately, my dislike of instant coffee means I have to spend a small fortune to get a decent daily coffee fix.

I tested the Nespresso CitiZ & Milk – a sleek capsule coffee machine that can create espressos, lattes, lungos (a slightly bigger espresso) and frothy cappuccinos. I was already expecting great things from the Nespresso (after all it’s good enough for George Clooney) and I wasn’t disappointed.

The machine is quick to set up and the initial cleaning cycle is easy to follow. In fact the machine is absolutely fool proof and using capsules rather than coffee granules means that it’s mess-free, too. 

To get started, you simple fill the water tank, plug it in and press either the espresso or lungo buttons. It takes only 25 seconds for the machine to heat up – that’s barely enough time to grab a cup out of the cupboard! Pop a capsule into the container, close the lid and pick your chosen coffee size and in seconds your coffee’s ready. The capsule bin will hold up to ten used capsules and there’s a handy drip tray, so you don’t have to clean up every time you use the machine.  

It comes with 14 different Nespresso capsules, including one decaf and I found this a great way of working out the flavours and intensities I like. In the past I’ve been put off Nespresso machines because of the faff of having to order replacement capsules online. Also, the capsules are not the cheapest, but if you shop around online there are deals to be found. Most of the supermarkets sell Nespresso compatible capsules, but personally I’ve found the real Nespresso capsules are the best by far. 

Lastly, it looks really stylish on my kitchen side. I have the black model, but it’s also available in white, silver, cherry red and chrome. It certainly isn’t the cheapest coffee machine on the market (although there are cheaper Nespresso models available), but I love it!