Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaner

My new best friend, the Neato BotVac 80

Yours Verdict

Price: £449.99
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

The Neato BotVac 80 is very easy to set up and programme, but it is advisable to have patience and follow the charging/discharging procedure to improve the life of the battery.

We moved everything we could from the floors, and put some of the magnetic boundary marker in the doorway of the kitchen, which we hoped would stop Neato going into that room, and we waited. It reminded me of the days when there was one channel on the TV and the whole family would gather, eager with anticipation. The unobtrusive little box sat quietly in its charging station in the corner of my living room, no idea of the excitement it had caused - and at 7pm it sprang to life! With its laser guided technology it scans and maps the room, then makes its way first around the room, going close to the edges and then from one end to the other, not missing a single fibre in the middle. It then went to to the dining room, round the chair and table legs and finally into the hall, stopping at the kitchen, before heading back to its docking station and informing us that it had finished and the dustbox needed emptying.

I then took it upstairs and it went on its merry way, cleaning three bedrooms, landing and the bathroom on one charge. And because it has special sensors, it stopped at the top of the stairs (although on its first outing, we did stand ready to catch it, just in case). My dog has a favourite sleeping place on an embossed carpet in one room, and the hair does tend to stick in the carpet. Neato didn't manage to get it all first go, so we used the spot cleaner function a couple of times which seemed to do the trick. Whereas we might have only cleaned that room three times a week, Neato now keeps it hair-free on a daily basis and all I have to do is carry it upstairs and press the button.

If I were to really nit-pick it would be that you do have to give the filter a thorough brushing after each use, as the dirt can get quite embedded, and no robot vacuum cleaner does stairs (yet). But to be honest, I can live with that, because every evening for the last few of weeks Neato has gone about its business and collected an incredible of daily dirt (of which I'm quite ashamed). My floors have never been so clear, because everyone puts things away, the grandchildren (and husband) will happily watch it go round and around keeping them entertained, and a chore I really don't like, is pretty much taken off my hands.

About Neato Robotics
Neato Robotics believes it is possible to create robots smart enough to perform household chores as intelligently and efficiently as a human. Neato is dedicated to improving consumers’ lives, allowing them to spend less time cleaning and more time with family and friends. Neato is driving innovation with products like the Neato Robot Vacuum that are smarter, more powerful, and more effective than anything previously seen on the market.
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