Mood lighting lamp on test

Mood lighting lamp on test
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Yours verdict

Product: The iDual DOJI - Exterior LED lantern - colors to suit your mood! 

Price: £82.95 

Stockists: B&Q, Dunelm and Bunnings

Rating: ★★★★ (4/5)

What they say it does:

A versatile LED lantern complete with smart bulb and remote control. Featuring an in-built rechargeable battery which will charge when the lantern is plugged to the mains. This lamp is IP44 rated so when using battery mode is safe to use in bathrooms and outside. 

Lighting options:

  • Rotation of pastel colours 
  • Party Lights - great for adding a fun atmosphere to a room
  • Forest - emulates sunlight filtering through the trees, gently flickers through tones of greens and yellows for a calming effect
  • Under the sea - gently rippling deep and mid blues, with occasional deep turquoise makes you feel that you are swimming in a clear blue sea on a sunny day; great in the bathroom!
  • Romantic - a pinky purple hue
  • Fireplace - a warming and comforting orange glow that gently flickers. 

What our reviewer said:

As a sufferer of Seasonal Affective Disorder anything that will bring a little extra brightness into my home on the long winter evenings is very welcome!

This lamp has so many uses and is very easy to get the hang of. Once charged up via the mains cable it can be used as a lantern around the home without any need to plug it in.

There are so many options to choose from and although the coloured lights are lovely and quite a novelty, what I really appreciated was the bright white reading light and the 'good morning!' light. As soon as I turned this on it woke me up, far more than a normal bedroom lightbulb or lamp.

As a special bonus it's ideal to have charged up just in case there's a power cut - and it's ideal for evening trips to the shed!

Would have earned five stars had the box contained batteries for the remote control - you can't change the settings without it!