Misfit Flash fitness activity tracker review

Misfit Flash fitness activity tracker review

A great value activity tracker that's simple to use and will help you achieve your fitness goals

Yours Verdict

Product: Misfit Flash from Lloyds Pharmacy
Price: £49.99
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What they say it does:

Achieve your fitness and health goals with the Misfit Flash Fitness Activity Tracker. It lets you track everything you do by connecting to your mobile device using Bluetooth, and gives you easy access to calories burnt, distance travelled, steps taken and even sleep duration and quality.

You can use this information and the free app to track and manage your fitness regime, compete with friends, try to beat personal bests and meet your goals for the day. 

Along with connecting to your smartphone or tablet, the Misfit Flash gives you instant info on how close to your daily goals you are right on your wrist. Press the Flash button, and lights illuminate around the face to depending on how close you are to hitting your distance or calories burnt.

The Misfit tracker is waterproof for up to 30 metres, so you can take the Flash Fitness Activity Tracker with you on rainy runs and to the swimming pool.

The battery never requires charging, so you can rely on your Misfit tracker for up to 6 months until you have to replace the battery. When the battery runs out, simply replace it with a coin/watch battery.

Experience wearable technology that helps you maintain your healthy lifestyle and increase your level of fitness with the Misfit Flash Fitness Activity Tracker.

Our reviewer said:

The Misfit Flash came at exactly the right time for me. I was looking for something to keep me motivated to lose weight. I have tried healthy eating and diets in the past and nothing seemed to work. But with the Misfit keeping track of my daily exercise for me it soon became clear that I wasn't doing enough of it. Reaching the daily goal on the Misfit gave me the motivation I really needed.

With it’s easy-to-use smartphone app it's incredibly easy to track your day's activity and your sleep patterns, you can also log other activities such as swimming, dancing and yoga. The Flash comes fitted with a watch-type battery that lasts around six months, so unlike other activity monitors on the market there’s no need to recharge.

In between syncs with the app you can check your progress by pressing the face of the Flash, which alsodisplays a handy clock so there's no need to wear a watch too! The strap seems fairly durable, secure and comfortable so wearing it 24 hours a day, in order to track your sleep, is not a problem.
All in all this is a great device and not as expensive as some others on the market.

The Misfit Flash is available for £49.99 from Lloyds Pharmacy