Minky Heated Airer
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Price: £50.00

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

Stockists: Argos

They say... 

With colder weather on the way it’s time to invest in homeware that’s designed to tackle the chill head-on. The Minky Heated Airer gently warms your laundry through for faster drying, even in low temperatures.

What our reviewer thought...

With my tumble dryer breaking at the end of last year I was looking for a more economical product to do the same job but that didn’t break the bank. I had heard good things about heated airers and I was interested to see how the Minky Heated Airer performed.  
The airer is lightweight and very simple to setup. Using the cover that comes with the airer helps to retain the heat and to ensure even drying. Drying time is significantly faster compared to using a conventional airer and with 12m of drying space you are able to dry a normal load of washing (up to 16kg). Despite the large drying space the airer is easy to store as it folds completely flat. My only niggle with the product is that it takes up quite a lot of space whilst in use, it’s a horizontal airer, rather than an upright one which I would have preferred. Of course, it can’t compare to using a tumble dryer if the only factor you look at is speed, however the money you would save is a huge benefit!

Overall verdict:

The airer is very economical - costing less than 4p an hour to run! I was so impressed with the performance of this product that I will not be replacing my tumble dryer; this will not only save me money but will be kinder to the environment...it’s a win win!