Salter's new mini chopper on review

Salter's new mini chopper on review

Product: Salter EK2182 Mini Kitchen Chopper, 150 W, White

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Price: £29.99

Rating: ★★★★★ (5)

What they say

Get the perfect kitchen assistant with this brilliant Salter Mini Chopper, with a one touch operation for speed and convenience. Whether you want to use it for simple tasks such as chopping vegetables and making breadcrumbs or create your own home-made hummus it is incredibly simple to use. Featuring two blades with 150 W power the chopper will glide through your ingredients in seconds. Designed with a convenient chute, with this fantastic device you can add olive oil while it is chopping.

What our reviewer thought

Onions are my culinary nemesis… I’ll do anything to avoid having to chop them! I’ve been meaning to get some kind of food processor for ages but they always seem to take up so much space – so I’ve also been avoiding any recipes involving blitzing!

The new Salter mini chopper is the solution to both these issues. Not only does it quickly chop onions (without the tears!), it takes up very little cupboard space, despite having a 350ml bowl.

It’s also perfect for experimenting with new recipes. I love avocado and with the Salter mini chopper in just a few minutes I’d made a super tasty guacamole – half a pack of coriander, 1 small tomato roughly chopped, 1/2 lime (juiced) and 2 large ripe avocados.

There’s handy chute for doing olive oil while you’re chopping - great for if you’re making pesto and need to add oil a bit at a time. And once you’re done, it’s so easy to wash ready for next time!