Microfibre Doggy Bag Towel review

Microfibre Doggy Bag Towel review

Our tester loved how quickly this clever towel dried and cleaned her dog

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Product: Available in a range of sizes from XXSmall to Xlarge
www.cuckooland.com, 01305 231231
Price: £19.99
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What they say it does…

With the Microfibre super absorbent Doggy Bag towel, you can keep your pet, car, caravan and home spotless after walkies. They don't just absorb ten times more water and slobber, but sand and mud too! Leave it in the car after walks, zip-up your pooch in this amazing pet towel and man's best friend will be clean and dry before you get home!

What our reviewer said…

"My border terrier Baxter hates being wet so I thought this towel would be the perfect product for him! I first tested it after giving him a bath at home. He normally shivers and shakes after a bath so after towel drying him I zipped him up in this bag. The bag is actually quite big so he has plenty of room to move. He sat on the sofa in the bag for about 40 mins and when I took it off he was practically bone dry!
I also tried the bag after a long and mucky walk in the countryside. It was great to be able to pop him in it and have him sit on my lap. By the time we got home he was dry and relatively clean and for once so was I!"

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