MiCool-A Fat Freezing Review

MiCool-A Fat Freezing Review
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MiCool-A Fat Freezing

RRP: From £150

Rating: ★★★★ (4/5)


What they say…

If you can squeeze it, you can freeze it – the catchy slogan for the MiCool-A Fat Freezing treatment. This non-invasive treatment works to reduce those soft, squeezable pockets of fat – those flabby bits that are hard to shift. It’s completely safe and although uncomfortable initially, it isn’t painful. Cryolipolysis, or Cryo Fat Freezing, is clinically proven to destroy fat cells. It works by destroying a proportion of fat cells in the area selected for the treatment and then over the following weeks your body eliminates those fat cells.

What our reviewer says…

I visited aUK Stamford for my treatment. Located in the pretty town of Stamford, Lincolnshire on the edge of the River Welland, the location is hard to beat. I arrived on a beautifully sunny day and was ushered outside to a lovely decking area overlooking the river. After reading about my treatment and enjoying a nice cool drink, my practitioner Michelle, answered all my questions patiently and knowledgeably setting my mind at ease. The building itself has been beautifully renovated and the whole salon is stylish and incredibly serene.

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Michelle took me to my treatment room, which was clean and inviting. She marked the areas of my stomach that I wanted freezing and then took a before photo. The machine itself has two paddles, which means it can treat two areas at the same time. You can treat the belly area, thighs, the sides (love handles), as well as back fat.

To start you can change into a pair of provided paper pants, although I took my own pyjama shorts, which were a little comfier. You lie on a bed and a thin pad is applied to the area and then a layer of gel. Each pad has a vacuum which sucks the fat area into it and then holds it in. This doesn’t hurt, although it does feel a little strange and can take a few attempts to grab the fat if you’re treating a smaller pocket of fat. Once attached it precisely delivers controlled strong cooling energy, which cools the fat area to minus ten degrees Celsius. This part was the most uncomfortable, but it soon subsides and the area becomes numb. The treatment lasted under an hour. I took a book and actually quite enjoyed a bit of peace! Once the treatment has finished the pads are gently removed and Michelle gently massaged the fat, which helps to break it down. Results are not instant, so don’t expect a quick fix. I could see a little reduction of my stomach fat in a week, but its recommended that best results will be seen around 4-12 weeks. The fat is eliminated when you go to the toilet, so it’s really important to drink lots of water afterwards. It’s also recommended that you avoid drinking alcohol for 48 hours and then following a healthy diet.

I’m about nine weeks after the treatment and I can see a small improvement to the area, although I hope to see more results. The price varies, depending on how many treatments you have and for stubborn areas you may need more than one:

1 treatment £150

2 treatments £250

3 treatments £375

4 treatments £500

The salon has lots of other treatments on offer from hair colouring to massage treatments and if you register on the Stamford website here you can bag a 20 per discount on some treatments.

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