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Medisana Shiatsu Pillow review

Tried & TestedYourshealth
Medisana Shiatsu Pillow review

£49.99 Argos  (half price was £99.99)


What they say:

Compact and convenient, the Medisana Shiatsu Pillow delivers a deep massage to relieve tension and relax your muscles. Designed for use all over the body, the pillow strap sits comfortably on most chairs so all you have to do is sit back and relax.  Clinically tested back relief cushion.  Deep kneading massage to relax and loosen tight knots.  Soothing heat comforts your tired muscles.  Perfect for use on back, neck, shoulders, lumbar and legs.

What our reviewer thought:

I suffer a little from lower back pain, I suspect, due to sitting in the same position for too long at my desk, so I gave this massage pillow a try. 

The cushion straps to a chair, and there is a choice of options, massage, massage plus vibration, plus heat.  The mechanical massaging action is very firm, but this can be lessened by how much you push your back into the chair, and it takes a little getting used to, but is pleasant. The heat setting I also found to be very soothing.

I tried to use the pillow as the instructions suggested, on my neck, but found this less comfortable as it doesn’t sit so well on the neck area.

However,  my husband tried it and didn't find it comfortable

I did find the pillow soothing, mostly at the time of using,  and I think to some extent my back felt soothed afterwards, so would recommend anyone suffering to give it a try.  However, its not for everybody.