Feel in control with support leggings

Feel in control with support leggings

A good pair of control leggings should look good and feel great

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Product: MagiSculpt Sea Kelp Control Leggings, available from www.marisota.co.uk
Price: £20.00
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What it says it does:

Shapewear leggings that promise to banish unsightly cellulite using nature’s best kept secret; Sea Kelp. The leggings can reduce cellulite by 12% if worn regularly and wearers can see a 10% improvement in skin elasticity, a reduction of dry skin and overall improvement in the appearance of skin. This range incorporates both micro-capsulation and Magisculpt technology so works not only to slim down and streamline body shape instantly but as a cellulite buster in the long-term.

The control leggings are infused with active ingredient Sea Kelp, and uses micro-capsulation, a new technology in which knitted fabric is treated with micro-capsules containing Sea Kelp that are then released during washing and wearing. Nutrient-rich Sea Kelp, a herb found deep in the ocean, nourishes the skin while reducing the build-up of cellulite due to its catalytic powers for skin renewal and restoration, improving the tone and appearance of skin even while sitting.

Our tester said:

I wasn’t sure these would fit me at first as they looked tiny, but they did stretch to fit and felt surprisingly comfortable. A bit like a cross between leggings and tights, they are very smooth to the touch and really easy to wear.  Testing them in the summer, they went well with a summer dress or a long top and felt quite light.

Like most women over 50 (and, according to the press hype, women under 50!) I have some cellulite on my thighs and although I never worry about it, it was interesting to see if the claim in a reduction of it was true.

But there’s the thing… it’s really difficult to measure. You would need to take pictures of your cellulite (or at least be very familiar with it) in order to monitor its reduction. It’s claimed the legging are infused with Sea Kelp which is released during washing and wearing, so presumably they are working their magic continuously as you wear them. But you can’t wear them every day. And actually, a 12% reduction is probably not that noticeable. However, in fairness they do state 'can reduce cellulite by 12% if worn regularly'. How regularly is up to you!

The leggings are part of the Magisculpt range from Martisota, which includes swimwear, underwear, trousers and jeans.

Leaving aisde the cellulite-busting claims, they felt well-made, were super-stretchy and comfortable, and very soft to the touch. They look good too and offer decent support, unlike cheap leggings that sag at the knees!

Available in sizes 12-30, in either full length or cropped length