Lush Spa Validation Facial review

Lush Spa Validation Facial review

A relaxing haven in the heart of bustling Oxford Street

Yours Verdict

Price: £85.00
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What they say...

Feel like your skin is refreshed and bright.
Feel confident in your own skin - stand taller.
Be radiant inside and out.

What our tester thought...

I find Oxford Street completely exhausting - it's not somewhere I'd ever choose to spend time. However, there's now one very good reason to visit the tourist trap - the hidden Lush Spa tucked beneath the busy pavements.

Lush is one of my favourite beauty shops - famed for its cruelty-free products and inventive bath bombs - so I was intrigued to go and visit one of its spas. The Oxford Street branch is downstairs, and is surprisingly massive. I was welcomed into what felt like a cosy kitchen (scrubbed wooden table, jugs of cucumber water, mixed crockery) and introduced to my facialist, before filing out the usual paperwork. The difference here - in a venue where spa staff are part beauty therapist, part alchemist - is that as well the the usual questions about my health, I was also required to think of some words. The feelings and thoughts I wanted to leave the treatment with. I chose nourished and confident.

We then stepped back into the shop to create a palette of products. I got to sniff and sample all sorts - from face creams to lip scrubs - all while hearing about their various benefits. It was heaven for a beauty fan.

We then headed back into the spa and through to a - yet again massive - treatment room, which was dark and snug. Here I was told what to expect (and it all sounded like heaven on earth) before watching the magic begin - my palette was cleansed with atmospheric mists (pictured) to really give the treatment an otherworldly feel.

Once I was ready and comfortable, my facial began. Another big difference in Lush Spa treatments is the importance of sounds. This treatment was accompanied with a soundtrack that made me feel that I was drifting out to sea. It was uplifting and exotic, and also combined spoken word from some of the founders of the company who talked about their favourite ingredients. It was surreal, but oddly comforting.

Meanwhile, my facialist was hard at work, gently cleansing, scrubbing and massaging my tired skin, while I drifted in and out of consciousness. I'd love to go into more detail about the process and products, but I'm afraid I was too busy feeling more relaxed than ever before.

All too soon, it was time to come back around. Instead of feeling groggy (as is possible with beauty treatments) I felt calm and ready to face the a little while. I was ushered to a comfy seat, presented with a fruit bowl and water, and told to take my time. So I did.

A lovely, special treatment. It's pricey but worth it for a real treat.

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