Lily's Kitchen organic dog food review

Lily's Kitchen organic dog food review

Our tester's pooch was full of beans after a week of organic dinning

Yours Verdict

Price: £1.29
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What it says it does:

"Lily's is called 'proper food’ because that's what our food looks and smells like. Every ingredient is clearly labelled allowing you to choose what is best for your pet. We make each recipe with wholesome, natural ingredients packed full of natural nourishment to keep your dog or cat in peak condition as well as build a strong immune system to fight disease. Our products are totally unique in the world – we are the first company to produce and launch grain-free and meal-free foods. We only ever use 100% fresh meat in our recipes – no processed meat meals or bone meals."

What our tester said:

"I have a three year-old border terrier called Baxter who looks very similar to to Lily- the dog who inspired this range of organic foods and who is their chief tester, so I was hoping he'd be a fan! He tested a range a of dried foods, wet foods and treats over the course of a week. On first examining the foods I was very impressed with the long list of healthy ingredients and medicinal benefits on each tin and packet. I felt that my dog would be eating better than I was!
The food itself looked like real food too, not just miscellaneous meat in jelly. When I dished it up Baxter, did a set of anticipated jumps and twirls, and when I put it on the floor he quite literally wolfed it down! His favourite was by far the fishy, fish pie- which smells quite strong!
He was a little sceptical about the biscuit treats, and turned his nose up at them at first, I think this might have been because they weren't as strong smelling as the ones he's used to. However, I found that when I broke them in half he was able to smell them better and was happy to munch away.
Overall he seemed delighted with his fancy organic dinner!  I'm not sure it was a coincidence but his coat seemed shinier and he also seemed to scratch less often- which could be because he was eating a grain-free diet.
I would certainly recommend Lily's to other dog owners, but as it's quite expensive compared to standard dog food, I think it would suit smaller dogs. At £2.19 a tin, it could be very costly if your dog was eating a whole tin a one day.