Koubachi Wi-Fi plant sensor 2

Koubachi Wi-Fi plant sensor 2

Our reviewer found this product was not easy to use.

Yours Verdict

Product: Koubachi Wi-Fi plant sensor 2

Price: £79.99
Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ (1/5)


What they say it does

Tells you exactly when and how to care for your plants

What our reviewer said

"The first you have to do when using this product is register your details, then find your plants by searching through what they have on their database. I found it was difficult to find the plants you have due to their limited database. I ending up having to pick plants that looked similar to what I had just from the leaf shape. 

The next job is to place the sensor into one of your plants and press the main button on the sensor. This then transmits information back to your computer (or phone) and tells you if your plant needs watering or if the light is ok. Unfortunately I could not get the main button to work, so no information was sent back to the computer about my plant. 

I felt this was a product for people who already know quite a bit about plants (in order to identify their plants) and for people with a good knowledge of technology too. 

It's an expensive product and whilst the idea is good, I felt this product was not easy to use."