Kobo Aura review

Kobo Aura review

Light and stylish - we try out the Kobo Aura

Yours Verdict

Product: WHSmith
Price: £109.99
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What it says it does:

A contemporary, elegant 6" E Ink eReader. Available in black and pink, the Kobo Aura is a beautiful, front-lit E Ink device that features an edge-to-edge design and a responsive touchscreen, wrapped in a comtemporary aesthetic to kep people passionate about books and reading - day or night.

What our tester said:

A stylish-looking unit available in black or pink that felt light and compact and fitted into my handbag easily when on holiday. I liked the textured back as it made the unit feel more secure in my hands. Although it felt light, it didn’t feel flimsy .The 6in screen was a good size for reading and was really clear with seamless progression from page to page.
The screen is touchscreen, not at all what I am used with my old Kindle, and it was very responsive and intuitive. It holds up to 3,000 books and you can expand the memory with a microSD card. It’s also W-i-Fi enabled.
The ComfortLight button was great as it could be used in the day or at night and produced a nice even light without unwelcome glare – handy when reading in bed beside a sleeping partner or in bright sunlight on the beach! You can easily swipe up the screen using two fingers to increase the brightness, and do the opposite to decrease it. Really clever!
Another clever element is the option to tap into more information about whatever it is you are reading and a wide range of content (such as related articles, books, etc) that can help enhance your reading (or annoy you if you just want to get on with reading your book!). Tapping the middle of the screen brings up the menu where you can choose to navigate to all sort of things such as …
With 11 font styles, 24 font sizes and margin and spacing options you really can customize your reading to suit you – no matter if you have left your reading glasses behind! You can even adjust the weight and sharpness of individual fonts.

Facts and figures:

6in hi-res, low-glare Pearl E-Ink clarity screen with low flash screen technology
Built-in front light technology
Weight: 174g (4lbs)
Storage: 4Gb wit option to expand to 32Gb with microSD card
Connectivity: Wi-Fi and micro USB
Battery life: More than 2 months (based on 30 minutes of reading a day with Wi-Fi turned off)
Built-in dictionary
Colours: Black and pink