We tested the new YOU kitchen cleaner

We tested the new YOU kitchen cleaner

We checked out the benefits of this new product

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Price: £3.99
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What it says it does…

To be tough on grime. Can be used on hob, sink, tiles & worktop.

Our tester said…

Efficiently removes grease, stains and baked on food, leaving your hob, sink, tiles and worktops sparkling.

Didn’t have any tough grime to test it on, but as a kitchen cleaner it was very pleasant and worked great at removing grease from the hob and making the worktops nice & clean. It has a nice spicy berry smell, not overpowering and it seemed to disappear after a few minutes. A good cleaner that left no smears. Great that you can use it on all surfaces in your kitchen also. It’s not sticky and you don’t have to use a lot either, so the bottle would last a very long time. 

The nozzle is great, it avoids any accidental spills & stops you using more than what is needed. 

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