Kenwood kMix Pop Art Collective 2 Slot Toaster Review

Kenwood kMix Pop Art Collective 2 Slot Toaster Review

A well designed, multi functioned toaster and a welcome addition to any kitchen!

Yours Verdict

Product: Kenwood kMix Pop Art
Collective 2 Slot Toaster

Price: £59.99
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What they say it does .....

With its unique ‘peek and view’ function, the Kenwood kMix Toaster allows toast lovers to check on their bread whilst it’s browning, for perfect results whatever the toast preference.

In addition to the toasting settings, there is also defrost, reheat and cancel settings on the sleek and compact chassis. It also boasts a stainless steel bun/pastry warming rack, so delicious breakfast treats can be kept warm until you’re ready to enjoy them

What our reviewer said....

'I must confess, I am not a fan of toasters and so didn’t think I would be persuaded into buying one until that is, I tried this one!

Say goodbye to burnt toast thanks to ‘peek and view’ function and also to messy crumbs, thanks to the easy, pull-out crumb tray.

The test for me was whether the toaster would be easy to use with slices of speciality bread, which were smaller and with a less uniform shape when compared to the squarer, everyday bread. I needn’t have worried as the tray comes up quite high and they were easy to pull out.

I really liked the design of the toaster too – a good blend of modern functions and compact design, with a stylish finish.  I especially like this Summer Yellow version, which brightens up any kitchen, from Summer through to Winter!

The toaster is a little pricey for me, so it's time to start saving!'