Keep tabs on your furry friend with the Tabcat tracker

Keep tabs on your furry friend with the Tabcat tracker

Yours tests this innovative new product that doesn't rely on you having a smartphone!

Yours Verdict

Price: £69.99
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What they say…

Tabcat: the world’s most accurate, effective and lightweight cat-locating device.
This innovative product provides you with reassurance that when your feline friends go walkabout or hide you will be able to track them down.
The splash-proof tab attaches to a cat’s collar and can be used to train them to ‘arrive on demand’ at the sound of bleep on the tiny device.
Tabcat reduces owners’ anxiety by allowing you to accurately locate your pet’s location to within 2.5cm – even through walls - enabling you keep tabs on your cat in even the most hard to find places.
The Tabcat tag attaches to a cat’s collar and a handset then enables you to track your cat with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) pinpoint patented technology, which is more reliable and exacting than Bluetooth and GPS-based devices in guiding you to a cat’s location.
With Tabcat, beeps and flashing lights on the handheld device guide the way, becoming more frequent as you get closer. Tabcat can locate up to 122m (400ft) which easily addresses the average cat’s territory.

What we thought…

Cats… they’re a worry aren’t they? Once they’re out of that catflap they could be getting up to anything and usually are!
I jumped at the chance to test the new TabCat tracker on my own cat, Jemima. She doesn’t wander off often, so when she does disappear for a few hours I know she’s probably got herself into trouble.
I was expecting the technology to be app-based, using Google maps or similar to identify her position, so I was a bit sceptical about the likely effectiveness of a radio frequency device, which somehow feels old-fashioned.
The fur did fly when I was trying to fit the fob to Jemima’s collar, but I was equal to the challenge! When eventually Jemima did wander outside (she doesn’t like the cold) I gave her a few minutes to make her escape.
The tracker is very simple to use – you ‘call’ the fob which makes a beeping noise while lighting up the remote control handset. A series of lights and bleeps then showed me I was getting close – she was hiding behind the shed. She’s a black cat so after dark I would never have spotted her.
The following day Jemima disappeared off over the back fence en route, no doubt, to her second dinner at a neighbour’s house. I went to the cul de sac behind the house, no sign of Jemima, but within five minutes I’d tracked her down to one of the neighbour’s gardens. She didn’t look best pleased to see me!
It’s a great idea for locating your cat if it’s locked in a shed near your house, for example, but it wouldn’t really help if it had strayed miles away. Also, if the beeps lead you to a neighbour’s garden you then have to consider whether you should go onto their property to retrieve it.
I haven’t been able to train Jemima to return home when it beeps (though she has perfected a look of distain when it goes off…)
However, the Tabcat is a cheaper alternative to trackers which link to a smartphone app, and it does work! It also come with two tags and the ability to track up to four cats (if you purchase two extra tags).

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