hër headphones review

Product: hër headphones

Price: €99 (approx. £89)

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)


What they say…

Easy, slender and comfortable, hër adapts to your style and complements your look. Tune into your favourite music anytime, anywhere when on the move. The soft leather and adaptable brackets adjust to you, so stay as you are and enjoy.

What our reviewer thought…


I absolutely love the appearance of these headphones and have received many compliments when using them. The nude, silver and brown tones give them a lovely minimalistic yet feminine look – and I’ve yet to see another pair like them.




These headphones are surprisingly lightweight. The padding around the ears and head is super soft and molds to your shape for additional comfort. As you might expect, they also feature adaptable brackets and rotatable ear pieces so you can adjust them accordingly to pretty much any head size.



I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality. They have just the right balance of bass and treble when it comes to listening to music. And I found the voices on podcasts to be nice and clear. I’m no tech expert, but I thought I’d have to part with at least £150 to get myself a dent pair of headphones. But for around £89, I think these are great value for money (especially for something so stylish).

Unlike other brands of headphones on the market, these aren’t completely sound proof and you can still hear faint noises from the outside world. But for me, this is more of a plus than a minus, since I’ve always found it a little disconcerting when I can’t hear noises around me – especially when I’m at home on my own or crossing a busy road, for instance.



I’ve really wanted wireless headphones for quite some time now, having always got my wires tangled or caught on things. These feature Bluetooth connectivity (4.1 to be precise). The pairing process threw me to begin with (I couldn’t find the device on the list). But after following the instructions on the hër website – and pressing the right buttons ­– I soon had them all set up and ready to go.



The headphones come with a jack cable, should you prefer to connect using the traditional wire method. As well as this, you’ll also find a USB cable that you can easily plug into a computer or laptop for charging. Impressively, they also feature a built-in mic, meaning you can answer phone calls on the go. All you need to do is simply click the buttons located on the ear piece to answer, reject and pause calls. This really was the icing on the cake for me and especially comes in handy when I’m in busy public areas and don’t want to draw attention to my smartphone.


Overall verdict: Elegant, multifunctional headphones with good sound quality and useful features for people on the go.

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