Heated foot plate

Heated foot plate

Our reviewer would highly recommend this product, not only to people that have bad circulation & suffer in the winter, but to anyone that has those days when you just can't get warm.

Yours Verdict

Product: Lifemax heated footplate
Available from www.prezzybox.com
Price: £39.99
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What they say it does

Poor circulation is a common health issue that many of us suffer but the lifemax heated footplate is the saving grace for those ice cold feet!


What our reviewer said

First thing I noticed was how lightweight it is, which makes it easy to move around & to store.

 There are 3 different heat settings, low, medium & high. If you start off with the setting on low it seems to take a long time to heat up. It's better to start off with the heat switched to medium & then adjust the heat setting accordingly to suit you. 

I was very impressed with how quickly it heated your feet up. Once your feet are warm that then warms the rest of you up too. 
I sometimes found it too hot, when it was set on high and had to keep switching down to medium. For me it was better to leave it on medium and switch down to low when needed. My partner however, preferred the setting on high & was quite comfortable to leave it on high. 

 There is also a 1 hour timer which is very handy if you are having an afternoon snooze. 

 The footplate has a contoured design & some say the textured surface would be better if it was smooth, but I did not find this a problem at all. It feels very pleasant on your feet & as they state, this contoured design makes it great for a gentle foot massage.

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