Hairburst Mulberry Silk Pillow – review

Hairburst Mulberry Silk Pillow – review

Product: Hairburst Mulberry Silk Pillow

Price: £34.99

Star rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What they say... 

Sleeping on the new Hairburst mulberry silk pillowcase will help keep that bed head under control. The natural properties of silk, including its smooth surface, can help reduce friction on your hair which often causes damage, like spilt ends. Wake up with silky soft hair and revitalised skin with the Hairburst Mulberry Silk Pillowcase.
    ◦    Reduces hair fall & damage.
    ◦    Retains natural hair hydration.
    ◦    Hypoallergenic.
    ◦    Stops bed head.

What our reviewer thought... 

Sleeping on silk has always sounded like the ultimate luxury, the preserve surely of only royalty and celebrities. But as talk of silk pillowcases has recently started to buzz around the Internet and the media, it seems you no longer have to be a Hollywood star to boast that you sleep on silk. 

The Hairburst Mulberry Silk Pillow is one of the latest silk pillows on the market and a real treat for your hair, face and your sleep. 

As I always wash and blow-dry my hair in an evening, I found sleeping on the silk pillow retained my just-washed fresh style right until morning - so no more wacky bed head and lots of time saved straightening my hair into submission in the morning. 

Over time I found my hair was generally looking shinier and healthier on a day to day basis without any change in my shampoo routine. My hair usually raves wildly between being dry as the Sahara and looking like I've just stepped out of the shower but after sleeping on the pillow it was much more manageable, less contrary and definitely stronger. And within a few days of changing back to cotton sheets (while my silk pillowcase went in the wash) my hair had definitely lost its lustre somewhat, confirming my suspicions that it was the pillowcase that was making all the difference.

This is because I found hair glides across the silk pillowcase rather than rubbing and catching on cotton. This makes it dreamy to sleep on and just as decadent feeling as you'd imagine.  

As for my skin, I didn't notice quite such drastic changes although I did spot that my face wasn't quite as sweaty and oily in the morning.  This is  because the pillow is fantastic for staving off overheating at night, as silk is a natural fibre. This makes it the perfect choice for anyone going through the menopause and dealing with night sweats – especially at this hotter time of year. 

Contrary to my worries, the pillowcase definitely didn't disrupt my sleep at all and I actually think I got a better night's kip the evenings I had the silk pillowcase on the bed as it feels so luxurious and relaxing to sleep on. 

And if you're worried about what happens once it gets in the wash, luckily the Hairburst mulberry silk pillow is completely washable meaning you can just bob it in the machine with the rest of the laundry. 

While the silk pillowcase doesn't necessarily come cheap as far as bedding goes - £30 for one – for a special treat that truly feels like a spa weekend in a pillow that you can enjoy every night it's well worth the extra pennies.