Claire Williams

Haier fridge- freezer HTF-452DM7 review

Claire Williams
Haier fridge- freezer HTF-452DM7 review
Haier fridge freezer

We test an affordable American-style fridge-freezer

Haier Fridge-freezer HTF-452DM7

Available from Currys priced £879

Rating: ★★★★ (4/5)

If you’ve always fancied a double door, large American-style fridge-freezer but assumed it would be out of your price range, think again! We tested the swanky Stainless Steel Haier HTF-425DM7 and here are our results…


This 4-door fridge-freezer is super slick and shinny and would look fab in any in kitchen


Before taking delivery of your fridge freezer all you need to do is make space for it! Your delivery person will install it for you and even remove your old fridge for a small fee. Getting started couldn’t easier, aside from reading the instructions and giving the appliance a good clean there’s not much else to do. Despite it’s large size the appliance itself is very easy for two people move. So should you change your mind once it’s been installed and want to move somewhere else you can.



If you have a large family then this appliance is perfect as it will store a whopping 452 liters of food and drink! If you have an average sized family it’s still perfect for stocking up for special occasions. It measures 1900 x 833 x 656 mm (H x W x D) so make sure you have room for it before buying.

Energy rating

This appliance is rated A++ for energy efficiency, meaning it could reduce your energy bills if your current fridge consumes more power.


Food preservation

What we love about this appliance is that it actually keeps your food fresher for longer.  The AIrPur technology coupled with an antibacterial treatment and multi-air flow technology helps to make your fresh fruit and veg last longer. The fridge is also equipped with a My Zone compartment drawer which can be set to three different temperature modes depending on what food is being stored in it. The low humidity setting is perfect for dry food and fruit such as; butter, fats, oils and chocolate. The fruit and veg setting is, as you would guess, for fruit and veg and the 0 degree fresh setting is for storing fresh meat.

Special features

This intelligent appliance has many special features. It has an automatic defrost meaning you won’t ever have to defrost it manually. After nearly two months of using the appliance there is no sign of ice at all on the freezer. The freezer also has a power freeze function that is designed to be used if you are freezing a large of amount of fresh food at once. Pressing the power freeze will ensure your food is frozen as quickly as possible to preserve the nutritional value, appearance and taste.  
The holiday mode function allows you to keep the door of the empty refrigerator closed with out causing an odour or mold- during a long period of time.
Unless you have a specific requirements you can leave the appliance in smart mode where it will adjust the temperature setting itself.