GTech Falcon Cordless Lawn Mower review

Our tester puts this sleek cordless mower through its paces on a rather wild lawn!


Product: Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawn Mower

Price: from £349

★★★★ (4/5)

What they say it does:

    •    Power and precision - The powerful 36V Lithium-ion battery gives the Gtech Falcon up to 40 minutes runtime - enough to mow 384m2 (4,132 sq. ft.) or the average garden twice on a single charge*.
    •    Innovation and simplicity - There are no cables to untangle or constantly whip out of the way and no messy petrol motor to top up. The precision carbon steel blades and powerful motor deliver an unrivaled wide cut and neater edges too.
    •    Large 40 litre grass bin - The Gtech cordless Lawnmower comes with a generous 40 litre collection bin with an ingenious flap that tells you when the bin needs emptying.
    •    Adjustable cutting height - The cutting height is easily adjustable, moving between 3cm to 8cm in 1cm increments. So whether it's the first cut of the season or a mid summer pristine finish there is a setting to suit your needs.
    •    Edge cutting - The Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawnmower has a cutting width of 430mm, allowing you to cut close to all the boundaries in your garden.

What our tester thought:

The first thing to note about the Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawn Mower is that it looks incredible - like a creation from Robot Wars! It's very futuristic while also being reassuringly sturdy. I really liked the green and grey colour scheme too.

It was easy to set up, although you can't use it immediately as the battery needs to charge. Once ready, it made fast work of our tiny, wild lawn and was easy to work. I particularly liked that you can set how severe a 'haircut' to give the grass - we opted to leave it on the long side to hide our moss (and as advised for the first cut of the season).

Like most large mowers it's a little cumbersome to steer, and you'll need to finish off the edges by hand, but it's really great not having to worry about running over a cord. This would be a brilliant, if pricey, machine to speed around a large garden with - no hassle with threading a cord through windows to make it reach.