Claire Williams

GTech AirRam Mk2 review

Claire Williams
GTech AirRam Mk2 review
Gtech AirRam Mk2

Product: Gtech AirRam Mk2 

Price: £199

Rating: ★★★★ (4/5)

What they say...

When we launched the AirRam in 2012 the Daily Mail asked “Is this the best vacuum cleaner ever?”
Well we’ve now made the AirRam EVEN better. It’s still lightweight, cordless and easy to use but we’ve added some great new features and innovations to make cleaning your house less of a chore.

What we say…

Anything which lessens the job of vacuuming pet hairs has to be applauded! It’s the best vacuum I’ve used in ages and does an absolutely fabulous job. Not only did it take minutes to put together, it’s also cordless and lightweight which meant moving from room to room saved time. 
Suitable for use on all floor types, and the performance on smooth surfaces such as wood, tiles and laminate is similarly impressive with a strong suction and light hold. It also features headlights- which makes it really easy to spot dirt, ensuring you don’t miss a bit! The only surface I found it struggled with was my thick shagpile rug, so I would avoid using it on anything similar.
There are no attachments for the Mk2, so you won’t be able to use a hose to get those hard to reach corners or use it on furniture or curtains. However, the lightweight, highly manoeuvrable design means it easily fits under your sofa and right up to the skirting boards, it can even be used on stairs. 
I would advise also buying the  Gtech Multi MK2, a handheld, battery powered vacuum that can be used anywhere and comes with a number of handy attachments that will get into those hard to each areas.
This vacuum is also pretty easy to empty and clean. The volume of dirt and hair that this cleaner collects is astounding, you can’t believe so much dust and hair can be accumulated in the space of a day!
It’s energy efficient with the battery life easily visible and displayed with LED lighting on the front, and delivers 40 minutes of vacuuming time on a full four hour charge. I charge it up overnight so it’s ready to use when I need it. Dirt is compacted into a tubular bale with an active ejection system (an aluminum slider) Emptying it is quick and easy. You do on occasion have to fish some of the dirt out with your hands as it tends to get stick around the tube. 
It’s relatively quiet for a vacuum and the noise doesn’t bother my dog either who usually scarpers at the sight of a vacuum. It’s even lessened the need for my dustpan and brush, so less bending down too!

  • Buy exclusively from priced £199, or £299 when combined with the new Gtech Multi Mk2.