GPO Jive Turn Table Review

GPO Jive Turn Table Review

Our reviewer enjoyed a trip down memory lane to listen to vinyl in the traditional way… scratches included

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Price: £145.80
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What they say: 

Enjoy listening to your old records again with this GPO Jive Turn Table which can play vinyl, CDs, MP3s and FM radio. The Jive also allows you to record your CDs or vinyl in MP3 format and save it on a USB stick or SD memory card, so you can listen to your records when you're out and about too.


What our tester thought:

This lightweight record deck, covered by a clear perspex lid, has a sleek modern feel and combines everything you need for listening to your favourite style of music. 

The product came well packaged and was simple to set up and start using. A user manual is easy to follow, although the illustration of the deck was anotated with rather small type size and there were a lot of numbers. The turn table was secured by two pieces of tape and it is important to take these off first. Nothing turns if you don't. Then remove the plastic cover protection from the stylus and start your journey down memory lane.

Vinyl has been experiencing a renaissance in recent years and, for many people of a certain generation, there will always be a fondness for the world of 45s and the joy of buying your first long-playing album. This deck also plays 78s. But I had forgotten, while gently wallowing in nostalgia, how much 'noise' is picked up when playing records the traditional way. We are all so used to the polished and digitally re-mastered versions we get today on CD that it almost comes as a shock when you hear a favourite track in its unvarnished original form.

But there is also something appealing about hearing the imperfections. It adds to the feeling of nostalgia and really does help you step back in time.

The joy of this player is you can record your favourite tracks direct to a USB stick or MP3. You really do get the best of both worlds and it would make a great gift for the music lovers in your family.

The unit comes with an extra twin needle pack and the technical specifications include:

•FM tuner

•Built in speakers

•RCA output for connection to extra speakers 

•Ceramic stylus

•Manual pick up arm

•Auto stop function

•Record function built in: vinyl/CD to USB/SD card