Goddess Acumen Day review

Goddess Acumen Day review

We tried a Goddess Acumen Day in London to rebalance our lives

Rating: ★★★★ (4/5)

What they say:

A one-to-one personal development coaching session that dives deep into your identity, values, and goals through Goddess Archetypes. Our aim is to really challenge and stimulate your thinking, deepen your understanding of yourself, and get you ready to make the right changes for you in the right way. This is for people who want to go deeper into an intelligent, practical spirituality/life philosophy, instead of being satisfied by soundbites. The aim is to get you out of your head and back into yourself and into life...

What our tester thought:

I’m always intrigued by the idea of self-improvement, and the concept of the Goddess Acumen is such a clever one that I just had to find out more. Helen Johnson, who runs it, has had an interesting life – she’s an ex-barrister and has a PhD – and has now turned to a very specific type of life coaching. Based around a feminist book from the 1970s, her programme follows the belief that your personality as a woman is made up of six strands. For simplicity (and because it makes the whole endeavour more fun!) these are related to six ancient Greek goddesses. Still with me? It actually makes a lot of sense, and it’s fun to relate to these fearless characters from mythology as you try to work out which one sounds most like you, and which one is out of balance from your life.


I am very strongly Athena-based – with a passion for work and achievements, but perhaps an issue with wearing emotional armour. It’s true that I don’t like asking for help when I’m struggling. The area that I noticed was lacking was Hermes – one of the most fun of the six – who is all about getting down and dirty in nature. I do love to be outdoors, but talking to Helen I quickly realised it’s an area of my life I’ve been neglecting.

This is all a vastly simplified version of what we talked about, as obviously, each of the six elements is much more complex and they relate to one another in interesting ways.
The actual day started out with Helen explaining who they all were, and what they represent in modern life, which was fascinating. I hadn’t realised the female personality had so many facets, but of course it makes sense – we’re often expected to be mothers, grandmothers, aunties, career women, wives, home-makers…and, you know, have our own interests and passions too! It’s no wonder so many of us feel off-kilter. This experience would be highly recommended if you’ve realised you spend your whole life looking after other people, leaving no time for yourself. Or in general, if you feel unhappy, unsettled or unfulfilled.

After talking for a while, we then wrote down things that made us angry or ashamed, before burning the lists in a little fire pit – very satisfying. Then we tried some ‘tapping’ or EFT, which is a sort of counselling involving gently tapping parts of your face and upper body while speaking certain phrases, designed to reset your thought patterns.

After a lovely healthy lunch, we tried some guided meditation, designed to help us communicate with our inner goddesses, before putting together a plan of action for each element of our personality. I went home feeling optimistic, with some real concrete ideas on what I could improve to bring back my inner peace.