Give your feet a treat

Give your feet a treat

We tested the new Footner exfoliating socks

Yours Verdict


Avaliable from Boots

Price: £19.99
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What is says it does....

Claim: Makes feet pedi-perfect in just seven days

Our tester said...

"It was easy to use. You just slip the socks on and keep them on for 60 minutes. The strap to  keep them secure did not work, so I had to wear normal socks over the top of them to keep them in place. It's better that you sit with them on for the 60 mins, rather than try and walk about, as the gel in the socks makes walking quite difficult. Once past the 60 minutes you remove them and simply rinse your feet.
The next morning the arches of my feet felt very strange. The skin did feel like it was being pulled. It wasn't painful, it just felt a little weird. Then slowly but surely the skin started to peel. You're not allowed to moisturise your feet but you can bath your feet and this helped a lot and seemed to speed up the process.
The peeling process is very gradual and can go on for up to 7-10 days, but the results were amazing. I was left with baby soft feet & it really does feel like you have had a fantastic professional pedicure."