Claire Williams

Fully integrated Indesit eXtra dishwasher (DIFP 8T96 Z UK) review

Claire Williams
Fully integrated Indesit eXtra dishwasher (DIFP 8T96 Z UK)  review
indesit dishwasher review

Fully integrated Indesit eXtra dishwasher (DIFP 8T96 Z UK)
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Star rating: ★★★★

What they say…

“Make handwashing a thing of the past with the Indesit DIFP 8T96 Z UK fully integrated dishwasher. Catering for up to 14 place settings, this model is ideal for a busy household who are short on time. Giving you extra peace of mind where little ones are concerned, wash all of baby’s beakers, plates, cutlery and toys with an extra special, hygienic wash guaranteed to remove 99.9999% of bacteria with our Baby Care Cycle.”

What we say…

“This machine does a good job of cleaning and excels at drying, even managing to get tricky plastic items dry. It left a few watermarks on glasses and cutlery, but nothing that a quick wipe wouldn't remove.

It's efficient with energy and water on the auto normal programme but this improves further if you switch to the eco setting.

A lot of dishwashers are noisy, but this one isn't too bad. There's the occasional trickling and lapping of water, but it's generally pretty quiet so won't disturb if you like to eat or socialise in your kitchen.

It’s very easy to use as programs are clearly labelled with symbols. However, there's no indication of where it is in the program cycle, though.

I found the program delay function really useful. You can set the machine to go on in the middle of night saving you money and meaning you have clean and dry dishes ready in the morning.

In terms of loading it could be easier as I found the lower rack tending to tip when loading the back first.

It’s extra hot baby care 72°C wash is guaranteed to remove 99.9999% of bacteria. This is great if you have young children, but annoyingly it doesn’t totally remove the need for sterlisation as Indesit recommends using an additional clean using a sterile solution for all baby items.

Overall I think this is a good all round dishwasher but if you were purchasing it in the hope that you wouldn’t need an additional steriliser or need to use a sterlie solution for baby items then I think you might be a little disappointed when you read the small print.”