Freshness in a Chewing Gum

A good, long-lasting chewing gum, that refreshingly does work!

Yours Verdict

Product: The Bad Breath Co. chewing gum....
available at Boots and online
Price: £4.00
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What they say:  Until now, the only way to stop bad breath was to mask odour. The Breath Co. Gum is different. It does not mask odours with strong scents or flavourings. It fights them by attacking and neutralising Volatile Sulphur Compounds that cause unpleasant breath odours Their gum is even effective on odours caused by onions, garlic, coffee and smoking. It will leave your whole mouth refreshed and your confidence restored. This is an extension to their current product line of bad breath beating products - the oral-wash, lozenges and toothpaste.

What our reviewer says: Bad breath is not something we like to talk about but the fact is, whether it’s because it’s just a ‘morning thing’, something you ate or down to oral health problems, it happens, irrespective of your age! Although not fans of chewing gum in general, we found the gum to have a good, long-lasting taste to it and what’s more, it does work!

Concluding thoughts: This product works and has now become a handbag (or for you gents,  a car glove compartment or coat pocket) staple. It’s not the cheapest gum on the market but worth keeping around, especially when preparing for special occasions or for preparing for that special someone in your life!

The Breath Co. have just launched their Fresh Breath Chewing Gum in Boots stores and online (£4 per pack). Boots offer all products individually and The Breath Co Starter Kit which is £20 and includes the chewing gum, oral rinse and tooth paste.