Food preparation Ceracraft style

Food preparation Ceracraft style

We all admire they clever and appealing cookery tools used by professional chefs like Jamie Oliver, James Martin but few of us will ever really have the budget to buy them, so when we had the chance to try a product at ‘the cutting edge of food prep in your own kitchen' we couldn't resist testing it for our readers …..

Yours Verdict

Product: JML Ceracraft Knives
Price: £14.99
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What they say:
Ceracraft Knives allow for a quicker and easier slicing and chopping motion, with virtually no sticking to the blades.

Designed using a highly durable ceramic coating bonded to a strong stainless steel blade, each of the Ceracraft Knives from JML encourages fast, ultra-precision slicing. These super non-stick knives will glide through even the toughest and stickiest foods, and won’t drag stuck-on food with them while chopping, ensuring a clean and professional result any chef would be proud of!

Our tester says:
Although I really enjoy cooking, if I am honest, food preparation is the part I least enjoy….most of all the dreaded chopping of onions! I wasn’t convinced that by upgrading the cutting of knives I used, I would find my food preparation less of a chore and so I was pleasantly surprised by these Ceracraft knives.

The knives are sturdy, sharp enough to effortlessly cut through tougher vegetables and fruit and were brilliant with preparing meat for cooking. They are very precise and the non-stick coating really did help in reducing the time spent usually fussing over wiping the knives down or removing any food stuck to them. The knives cleaned really easily, presumably the non-stick coating helping with this too. The knife covers (not pictured) are also a good addition to the product because it means you can safely store them.

One more thing to mention is the price of the knives with an r.r.p. of £14.99 which for all the reasons above, make them excellent value for money!

All in all, a great product, helping take the fuss away from food preparation, at a great price too. Very impressed!

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