Fight allergies the drug-free way: HayMax review

Our tester was amazed by the difference this pollen barrier made!

Yours Verdict

Product: Holland & Barrett; selected Morrisons, Waitrose and Boots; independent chemists, pharmacists and health stores; on 01525 406600 and from
Price: £6.99
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What it says it does:

A preventative balm, made from organic, natural substances that helps to reduce the incidence of allergens in the body which cause hay fever, dust and pet allergies. Unlike pharmaceutical products, HayMax has no drowsy side effects and no prescription is required.

What our tester thought:

"I've suffered  with terrible hayfever since the age of seven and over the years I've tried everything from steroid injections in my backside to eating local honey! Nothing has ever really worked and so every summer I've been forced to take as many antihistamines as I can in one day to keep symptoms at bay.
However, being pregnant this year I'm unable to take my usual antihistamines and so my only option has been to use natural remedies. Daunted at this thought I gave HayMax a try. I'll admit I was sceptical, as my symptoms are pretty severe so I couldn't see how applying this balm to my nose would make much difference.
However, I've been utterly amazed by results! I applied the balm to the base of my nostrils, probably every two hours, and reapplied if I sneezed or  blew my nose. Within a few weeks I noticed a huge improvement. Normally, on a sunny day if I'd been outside for a walk I would need to take at least 4 antihistamines to stop my symptoms but all of sudden I realised my throat wasn't itching, my eyes weren't either and I wasn't bunged up at all! I've been given a steroid nasal spray by the doctor but told to only use it if I'm desperate. I think I've only used it twice if that!
I couldn't recommend this product highly enough, especially if you are worried about taking medicines that can make you drowsy, or adding antihistamines to drugs you're already taking. I'm seriously considering using this product every single summer and throwing away my medicated hayfever tablets for good! Not only is more effective than pills it's much cheaper, a small pot will keep you going for months, whereas I was going through a pack of Benadryl in one week. Give it a try and stick with it for a few weeks- apply as often as you can and enjoy the results!