Feel safe at home and abroad with EasyLock

Feel safe at home and abroad with EasyLock

A highly portable security lock system with its own travel pouch!

Yours Verdict

Product: EasyLock, www.the-easylock.com
Price: £24.95
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What they say it does:

Designed to provide those in vulnerable positions with complete security, whether a student in cheap lodgings, an isolated elderly person who fears living alone, or simply when staying in a B&B or hotel. An incredibly strong, yet small and light, security solution that allows you to open the door enough to confirm a visitor or receive documents.The lock is manufactured with a steel core and stainless steel functioning parts.

What our reviewer said:

If you don’t like opening your door until you know who is on the other side - and what they want – then the EasyLock is for you. Designed to offer peace of mind, security and privacy, it’s simple to install once you get the hang of it.
 I was particularly keen to try it out as I have a big, boisterous dog whose job it is to guard the house; that means when anyone knocks, he barks and races to the door. The EasyLock meant I didn’t have to put him in another room before I opened the door, or hang on to his collar while I tried to answer it.
The EasyLock also offered a bit of protection for those on the other side of the door, too, as the dog couldn’t get at them – something for which my postman is eternally grateful! My only criticism is it's a bit fiddly to get to grips with but once done, it's easy to do again.
Having teenagers at home, it was also useful for them, too, as I don’t like them answering the door to cold callers, etc, when I am not there.
It’s designed to be portable so you could take it on holiday with you for added peace of mind when staying in hotels, cottages, etc.
The EasyLock  costs £24.95 with free UK shipping, a fair price to pay for providing protection and privacy without having to call in the professionals. It comes in pink with a pink pouch, or blue with a blue pouch, weighs 100g, and measures 160x80x50mm.