Eyejusters adjustable glasses - review

Eyejusters adjustable glasses - review

Product: Eyejusters super strength glasses

Price: £69-£79

Star rating: ★★★★ (4/5)

What they say...

British invented and manufactured Eyejusters, which look just like ordinary glasses, use discreet adjustable eyeDials to change the lens strength, similar to binoculars or a microscope, to make them the world’s first adjustable reading glasses with a +0.5 to +4.0 focussing range. 

What our reviewer thought....

Is it just us or does it feel like writing is getting smaller and smaller these days? From newspaper copy to the (now very) small print at the bottom of our important documents, there are so many times when you want to just zoom in to take a closer look. But obviously as we get older and our sight worsens, this gets harder and harder to do. 

The dials are located one at each end of the frame and are easy and not at all fiddly to turn

The dials are located one at each end of the frame and are easy and not at all fiddly to turn

That's why we were so chuffed with Eyejusters which have made an easy solution to a common problem. They look just like normal glasses and come in a couple of different colours, but they have a special discreet dial at either end (not visible to other people looking at you) which you can turn to focus in on something and adjust to your sight. 

This means no need to put your book at arm's length or scrunch up food packets as close as possible to your eyes to see what you're looking at. Instead you can just fiddle with the dials at the end (which turn lovely and easily) to adapt to whatever you're looking at.

What's more the glasses felt really hardy and sturdy, able to deal with me often clumsily dropping them on the floor or leaving them down the side of the armchair. And as they're protected against moisture and dirt getting between the two lenses, I didn't have to worry about cleaning them every five seconds. 

More than anything I found the Eyejusters were great for reading magazines and newspapers where the font size sometimes varies. Computer work was also greatly improved and there was no problems with screen glare. This means no more switching between glasses as you chop and change between jobs - a great relief!

My only one possible gripe was that when the dial was turned its end and the glasses prescription were at their highest, the glasses did look a little bit clunky and milk-bottle like, but for straight-forward home use this wouldn't be a problem. 

Great to find such a clever, handy and easy-to-use solution to a problem so many of us face later in life. 

Eyejusters are available online from www.eyejusters.com