Excilor Fungal Nail Treatment

Excilor Fungal Nail Treatment

How to deal with unsightly toenail infections

Yours Verdict

Product: Available from Boots, Amazon
Price: £19.99
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What it says it does:

Effective nail fungus treatment
Superior nail penetration
One minute a day – no filing required
Results will be visible when nail begins to grow back

Our tester said:

Having had a problem with nail fungus on my big toe, I was keen to try this out. I had read online that filing the whole nail to thin it out was effective but it was also a bit painful and very time-consuming. I needed something that could be quickly applied on the mornings after my shower and that would not only work, but work fast.

Excilor is certainly quick and easy to use as you simply paint it on over the whole nail, wait for it to dry (literally seconds) then off you go. Apply a second coat in the evening before bed and it can work overnight too. It’s colourless so no-one knows you have it on and odourless so there’s no awful smell of chemicals. It penetrates the nail quickly and so can get to work.

So, it’s quick and easy to use, doesn’t smell and you can’t see it but (there’s always a but….) it does not work instantly. Nail fungus takes a while to grow and usually, by the time you realise/work out what it is, it has taken hold and discoloured your nail so will require time to eliminate. 
Excilor works by ‘changing the pH level inside the nail, creating a hostile environment for fungi… inhibiting growth of the fungus and further damage to the nail’. This means it takes time to see results but, if you are diligent in application and have patience, you will see results. I have been using it for a few months now and I have seen a big improvement in the look of my toenail, which I was reluctant to show in open-toe footwear.

Winter is probably the best time to deal with it as you can cover up with tights/socks/boots then, by the time summer comes, you’ll be ready to show off your tootsies.

And don’t think you can hide a fungus-affected toenail with nail varnish either – it just makes the situation worse and eventually the discoloured nail will show through the varnish. Just deal with it and have patience!

What causes nail fungus? It’s usually excessive moisture, heat, perspiration or damage to the nail cause by tight fitting shoes or toenails banging against the insides of shoes. It’s not incurable but it does require persistence and patience. It’s also contagious so to avoid passing it on to other members of your family, deal with it now!

Excilor is available as a pen, which is handy for getting into the corners of your nail (you paint the whole nail, not just the infected part) or as a solution that you paint on like nail varnish. I found the solution worked best for me.

Excilor Pen £22.99
Excilor Solution RRP £19.99

 Note: Diabetics with foot problems should consult a doctor before using this product