Make a statement with these eye-catching wellies

Make a statement with these eye-catching wellies

Don't settle for boring green wellies - try this fresh, funky pair instead!

Yours Verdict

Product: Available from
Price: £35.99
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What they say it does:

  • Exclusively designed wellies
  • High-quality, natural rubber boots
  • Height 37cm
  • Comfortable and hardwearing
  • Side strap with metal buckle.
  • Soft cotton lining
  • Sizes available UK 3- 8

Funky, coloured wellies, fun, cheap and practical but all made from high-quality natural rubber, so comfortable and 100 per cent waterproof.

Our tester said:

When I think of wellies, I think of the ‘Farmer Giles’ type – green, practical and rather boring. That’s why I was attracted to this lovely purple pair!

I tend to use wellies for walking my dog as we trek through rain and mud (much mud) over field and dale, so not only does my footwear have to be robust and capable, it also has to be comfortable as our walks can often last a good few hours.

The beauty of these Eggplant Obsession wellies is that they are more than up for the job – and look great, too. Made from high-quality, natural rubber with a side strap and buckle, they were easy to adjust to fit my calves, so there was none of that inelegant noisy flapping when walking!

They are also a good length (37cm) so came right up under my knees, keeping my legs warm and protected from splashes of mud. Although my feet are a size 5.5, they don’t do half sizes so I opted for a size 6 so I could wear a good, thick pair of walking socks with them.

I was impressed with the quality of these boots; the soft cotton lining made sure my feet didn’t sweat uncomfortably (a common problem with cheaper wellies). They gave a good grip on slippy areas underfoot, felt warm and comfortable and offered enough support for a long dog walk.

I loved the look of them too and they went well with my purple waterproof!

Move over boring, conventional green wellies, these little belters are far more funky!