Kate Hardy

Esteem No Pause Slipdress review

Kate Hardy
Esteem No Pause Slipdress review


4.5 stars

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What they say:

The ultimate go-anywhere multi-tasking item of clothing. Lingerie ensuring the smoothest line ever under a dress; daywear at home and/or on holiday; beachwear; lounging around the home; and sleeping in. The vest slipdress both hugs and skims the body, has a deep hidden bra shelf and adjustable straps. 

Saving women from nature, the body moisture system of this luxurious fabric is the key to alleviating the uncomfortable symptoms of any day/night sweats and hot flushes, providing breathability and coolness as well as being hygienic. The high lycra content ensures free movement and great fit.

Our reviewer says:

The slipdress was really nicely packaged in monogrammed tissue paper and folded so when I took it out of the packet, petals fell out! That was a really feminine touch.

A good quality garment, it reminded me of the material used for swimwear/gymwear, but much nicer as it felt soft and smooth, was well-cut, close-fitting and has a built-in liner at the top to provide support and to help absorb moisture.

My intention was to sleep in it as I had been experiencing a lot of night sweats and on the first occasion, I noticed a big difference; the moisture usually gathers in my cleavage (and that wakes me up) but the slipdress appeared to wick it away so I didn’t feel too uncomfortable. And despite being bothered by a series of episodes throughout the night, I didn’t feel damp and chilly when I woke up.

I love the colour, which is a rich, deep fuchsia pink and crucially, felt very feminine wearing it at what can feel like a very unfeminine and unattractive time in your life. The adjustable straps mean you can get just the right fit and not feel restricted, important when trying to sleep.  

The slipdress is also suitable for lounging about (again, a real hit with me) and wearing under clothing.

The product range includes pants, palazzopants (like joggers but nicer!), vests and also gift packs that include a number of items.

It washes well (40C max) and dries really quickly so you could wear it at night and rinse it through each day to be ready to wear again that night.

The only downside may be the price – if you only wear it to bed, it can work out quite an expensive nightdress, but if you also use it for other things such as exercising in and wearing under clothing, then it makes the cost more worthwhile.

And of course, it does help keep you fresh in the night when menopausal sweats are driving you mad!