Equafleece Dog Jumper

Equafleece Dog Jumper
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No more damp dog!


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Product: www.equafleece.co.uk
Price: £15.00
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What they say it does:

The Equafleece Dog Jumper gives maximum warmth but freedom of movement for the tiniest dog or the most energetic greyhound. Made from super soft, lightweight POLARTEC® 200 fleece and strap-free with no pressure points, the garments can be worn to dry off a wet dog, to stop a dog from getting wet (even in torrential rain) or just on a cold night for warmth

What our reviewer said:

I have what I lovingly call a 'bog dog'. If it's wet and smells bad there's a chance you'll find my Springerdor, up to her ears in it. So most days walk will end in a hosing down in the garden or a shower depending on how bad it is. Before Equafleece, we would normally towel her off and then she'd wander round the house getting everything else smelling of damp dog. Since we've been using it, we towel her off and put on the jumper and within an hour or so, we remove it and she's dried off. She seems to find it comfortable and never objects to have it putting on and the wet canine smell is no more. I also took her out in the rain with it on instead of her usual waterproof coat and apart from the bits that weren't covered, she was dry.

Made in Britain, the Equafleece is well made, washes well and comes in an extensive range of colours (including new 'hi-viz' colours) and styles, sizes (including breed specific) and also available with a zip for arthritic dogs.

* Prices start from £15