Ecover's Concentrated Laundry Range

Ecover's Concentrated Laundry Range
Ecover non bio laundry detergent

Ecover non bio laundry detergent

Our tester reviews the latest Ecover non-bio laundry detergents

  • Range starts at £2.25
  • You can find Ecover in most supermarkets, independents and online at

What they say it does…

Ecover Laundry Liquids feature new, authentic fragrances inspired by nature that delight the senses. The concentrated formulas pack the same cleaning power as bigger packs, but with less packaging to carry home. Ecover harnesses the power of Smart Green Science to bring you a powerful clean by lifting dirt and stains away, even at lower temperatures while protecting your colours keeping them vibrant. We believe in happy skin. Our plant-based biodegradable ingredients leave your washing spotless and smelling sublime while remaining gentle the skin. Our laundry detergents and softeners have been tested by independent dermatologists on people with sensitive skin and they gave us the big thumbs up.

What our reviewer thought…

I loved these detergents. I normally use a non-bio detergent due to mine and my daughter's sensitive skin with the downside being that they aren't scented, so I especially loved that these are suitable for sensitive skin and still have lovely fragrances!

The scents are nice and neutral and not overpowering at all. Even the sweeter scents aren’t overly sweet. I didn’t have any complaints from my partner who is the first to complain if his clothes smell ‘like flowers’.

I found that the detergents washes my clothes well and leaves clothes smelling fresh, even after wearing. They haven't caused any reaction to mine or my daughter's skin.

My usual brand is around the same price per wash however I liked that the bottle wasn’t huge as it was a concentrated formula which meant less packaging = better for the environment and less packaging to carry home and store.

I would recommend these products to anyone who likes to care for the environment whilst enjoying a good quality product!