Luxury Easter egg taste test

Looks can often be deceiving when it comes to Easter eggs. It’s easy to be lured in by the fancy packaging only to discover the appearance and price tag doesn’t quite match the taste.  If you would like to a treat a loved one to a special egg but want to avoid disappointment, look no further. We sampled nine supermarket own-brand eggs to find out which ones are worth parting with money for and which to avoid. 

It was a tough job, but someone had to do it...


1.   Waitrose Heston Eggstraordinary Dippy Easter Egg – £20

Rating: 9/10


This is a must-buy egg for any dark chocolate lovers this Easter. Don’t judge a book by its cover. While the egg looks very plain on the outside, things get much more interesting once you break it open to find delicious blue caramel eggs and the amazing passionfruit ‘soil’. A luxury egg with a luxury price tag, but unique nonetheless. Buy Now


2.   Iceland Honeycomb & caramel egg - £4

Rating: 8/10


A delicious egg with an appealing decorative design. The white chocolate and honeycomb flavours work really well together, while the smooth, creamy and crunchy biscuit textures are very enjoyable. The pretty packaging and the two-toned effect makes the egg look expensive, but it’s a steal at only £4!

3.   Aldi Exquisite Easter Egg - £7.99

Rating 8/10


This egg looks luxurious with its green and gold packaging and shimmering metallic lustre and it tastes just so. The chocolate is smooth, creamy and not too sweet or sugary. If you’re looking for a luxury egg which delicious and affordable then this is a great candidate. You won’t be able to stop at one piece!


4.   M&S Single Origin Milk Chocolate Golden Swirl Egg with Marc De Champagne Truffle - £15

Rating 7/10


This egg has nice, creamy chocolate which is not too strong or overpowering, though may be a little bland for real chocolate lovers. It looks really nice & expensive and the extra champagne truffles are a lovely touch, while the gold decoration makes it look extra special.                                                               

5.   Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Belgian Dark Chocolate Egg with Cocoa Nibs - £6

Rating 7/10


A very enjoyable egg, although true dark chocolate fans might find it a little too sweet. A nice combination of textures with lovely crunchy nibs. Decorated with pretty pinks and cream, - it looks fun, but not particularly luxurious.


6.   Morrisons The Best Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg - £4

Rating 5/10


Chocolate tastes on the cheaper side, as though it is meant for cooking. However, it looks pleasing on the eye, but sadly no little extras or surprises like other luxury eggs. We expected the marbled bits to be a different flavour, but they were not. Eating the whole egg could soon get boring. Good for a male recipient, but the paint effect may not appeal to an adult.


7.   Tesco Finest* Belgian Dark Chocolate and Butterscotch Egg - £7

Rating 5/10



Though it looks unique, it was not the most exciting egg we tried. It lacked the flavour we were expecting and though the egg has itself has a nice decoration, the packaging is boring. However, the Butterscotch pieces do add a nice texture. Buy Now


8.   Iceland Hazelnut chocolate & fudge Easter egg - £4

Rating 5/10



If you’re a fan of nuts you may really like this one.  We had mixed reviews for this egg – some found it tasted a little artificial, while others found it enjoyed the flavour, finding it pleasing on the eye with its unique marbled effect with biscuits bites.


9.   Tesco Finest* Belgian Milk Chocolate Truffle Egg - £9

Rating 4/10


A bit on the sickly side and for such a big egg it is a struggle to eat too much of it at once. The middle layer of truffle was too soft and sticky and quite messy. We like the bronze shimmer, but the packaging was a bit boring.


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