Davina 30 Day Fat Burn

Davina 30 Day Fat Burn

Our reviewer thought that this is Davina's best DVD yet!

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Product: Davina 30 Day Fat Burn
Price: £11.00
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What they say it does…

This is the DVD for you if you want to lose weight, burn fat and see results fast. We spent a lot of time listening to people’s feedback to really understand what people wanted this year. What we’ve been hearing is that people really want to focus on getting rid of fat, losing weight and toning up, which is why we have created 30 Day Fat Burn.

What our reviewer said…

The new workout system has been developed by Davina’s personal trainer Ed Lumsden it focusses on losing weight, burning fat and toning up fast. 

The DVD consists of a series of six brand new 10 minute workouts that have been specially designed to work in combination to maximise fat burn efficiently in a 30 day period. Ed has also designed a 30 day programme that shows which workouts to do on which days to get the most out of the DVD. Exercises include three fat burning workouts – boxfit, the HIIT fat burner and the ULTIMATE fat burner as well as a strength and tone workout to give muscles an extra boost and abs workout. 

Davina and her personal trainer Ed have great chemistry and make these workouts really enjoyable.  

Each of the 6 workouts are 10 minutes long which means that you really have no excuse not to be able to fit one in even on a busy day. If you are after a lengthier workout, then you can join a couple of them together. The fact that you need little equipment is a real bonus and you can do the whole thing in your living room, even with minimal space. 

The workouts do work you hard but they are broken down into a few moves that are repeated which allows you to concentrate on having the correct form whilst doing them, instead of worrying about them introducing new moves and how to do them. 

I really enjoyed the abs workout. This included some ab moves that I have never seen before and they were really effective. I could definitely feel the burn the next day! 

Throughout the DVD Davina humours and encourages you which I personally like and I found it really motivated me. 

This DVD does exactly what I am looking for in a workout DVD.  Fast effective workouts that make you feel like you have worked up a proper sweat without having to leave your home and pay for costly gym memberships. I would definitely recommend this DVD and I believe this is Davina’s best one yet!