CouchCoaster drink holder review

CouchCoaster drink holder review

Our reviewer found this coaster simply-designed and useful.

Yours Verdict

Price: £19.99
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What they say:

The ultimate drink holder for your sofa. CouchCoaster is designed to keep your drink safely next to you - just where you always wanted it!

What our reviewer said:

This is a well-designed product for anyone who ends up balancing their drink on their sofa arm, and has inevitably experienced spills! It is also very useful for anyone who is injured and/or has problems with mobility picking up a drink from a coffee table, and for children to help prevent spillages.

The CouchCoaster is very simple in design. It has a central cup holder and two flexible, weighted arms that drape over the sofa arm. The weighted bands 'hug' the shape of most sofa arm shapes, (square, curved or asymmetrical, as long as they are over 14cm wide). I found that it keeps the drink stable even after a fairly good nudge.

At first I thought the coaster was too slim to accommodate a wide mug but then I realised there is removable inner section. Once removed, it  reveals a slot for the handle of a mug or cup. With the inner section in place, its more suitable for tall tumblers or drinks cans.

The CouchCoaster is made from silicone and available in 4 colours, black, grey, dark brown and red, so fits in with most furniture.

It’s recommend retail price is £19.99, and is available from and

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