Cosyfeet Sunrise Sandal - review

Product: Cosyfeet Sunrise Extra Roomy Sandal

Price: £69 (or £57.50 if you qualify for VAT relief)

Star rating: ★★★★ (4/5)

What they say...

An adjustable, comfy sandal that has been specially designed to accommodate bespoke orthotics. Padded at the heel for cushioned comfort support, the shoe has an EEEEE+ fitting as standard and opens right out so it's easy to put on and adjusts for a perfect fit. Comes in sizes 4 to 9 including half sizes. Strap extensions are also available for especially swollen feet.

What our reviewer thought...

I've long had a lot of problems with my feet including very sore bunions and arthritis, which means going shoe shopping has long been a bit of a nightmare! What's more I have to wear an orthotic in my shoes to stop my feet becoming sore and aching making it even harder to find shoes that can accommodate this. Normally if the orthotic doesn't slip out the back, it won't quite squeeze into the fit of the shoe, making it a bit of an all-round pain. 

That's why I was delighted to discover that the Sunrise Sandal actually fit my orthotic in really well. Without any of the normal wrestling, my orthotic fit in nicely and felt really stable and secure, making me feel more confident out and about. 

While I'm normally a size 5 1/2 I ordered a size 5 as I knew the width was so generous and found it fitted like a glove. Unlike some orthotic shoes which can be very bulky and to be frank, a bit drab-looking, I found these were wonderfully light-weight and looked a lot prettier than other designs. 

Walking around, the shoes felt really comfortable and well-fitted and I wasn't at all worried about my orthotic slipping out or becoming a nuisance. The only issue I noticed was that after a couple of hours the outside of the shoe began rubbing a little on my ankle bone and I thought I could have benefited from that area of the shoe being lowered.

But all in all, I was really pleased with the style, fit and comfort of the Sunrise Sandal and would certainly recommend to anyone, like me, who's struggled to find nice shoes to fit orthotics. While obviously the rrp is a bit more than I'd pay on a normal shoe, for such a flexible, orthotic accommodating sandal it think it offers great value for money. 

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