Cosyfeet Frieda slippers review

Cosyfeet Frieda slippers review
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They say…

Designed to provide excellent support for swollen feet, they have a secure touch-fastening strap which can be adjusted for comfort as needed. Frieda slippers accommodate problem toes and provide outstanding protection for sensitive feet. They can be worn indoors or outside, and are machine washable on a 30° wool cycle.
Frieda’s wool uppers and lining make them blissfully soft and warm, but the wool also provides natural ‘climate control’, so your feet remain dry, and at a comfortable temperature.

Our reviewer thought…

They are a very comfy, stylish slipper.
Even though they are wider than a normal slipper to allow for people with medical conditions, they don’t actually look any wider than a normal slipper. Very clever.
The fact you can wear them indoors or outdoors is great as I am forever nipping outdoors in my slippers and ruining many ‘normal’ slippers in the process. The rubber sole on these is quite sturdy, but flexible, so it still feels like a slipper, not a shoe. They did keep my feet at a comfortable temperature, which is great as I am usually either kicking my slippers off as my feet are too hot, or putting on some socks as my feet are too cold. The touch-fastening strap makes them easy to put on & take off. If you suffer from swollen feet like me, then the strap can easily be adjusted to allow for more room, keeping the comfort.
Like a good pair of shoes, I can see these slippers lasting me a very, very long time indeed, which is great value for money.

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Cosyfeet Slippers called Frieda are £70, or £58.33 if you qualify for VAT relief due to a chronic medical condition which results in swollen feet.

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