Comfy, practical flip-flops with secret support!

Comfy, practical flip-flops with secret support!

These sandals made getting outdoors this summer something to be enjoyed, not dreaded, for our tester

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Product: stocked in more than 120 outlets in the UK

Price: £45.00
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

I have various issues with my feet and legs and last summer spent the season sweltering in my walking shoes rather than risk causing further problems by walking about in unsupportive sandals.

If this sounds familiar, you may the ideal person to try a pair of these Vionic flip-flops.

I have fallen arches and am quite flat-footed, which has caused me to experience plantar fasciitis* on and off for years. I'd given up trying to find something light and summery in shoe shops, but these flip-flops from Vionic are an absolute godsend!

I wouldn't go for a walk of any distance in them - they are flip-flops after all - but I have been able to wear them all day for normal everyday activities without any pain in my feet.

The secret is the orthotic support which acts like an insole and provides an artificial arch on the inside of the foot.

They are more expensive than standard flip-flops but they offer so much more and I feel they are well worth the extra money. They've improved my summer considerably! stocked in more than 120 outlets in the UK

*If you have issues, always take the advice of your podiatrist