Make cleaning your bathroom a pleasure

Make cleaning your bathroom a pleasure

Get down but not dirty with these long-reach rubber gloves!

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Product: Spontex Bathroom Gloves
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Price: £2.70
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What it says it does...

Long cuffs for added protection from inevitable splashing that occurs when cleaning the bathroom. Enhanced grip in slippery environments

Our tester said...

One of those awful things that you know you just have to do, cleaning the bathroom is not the nicest job. But it is satisfying, none more so than when you have a pair of heavy-duty rubber gloves for cleaning the loo!And these are no ordinary gloves...

The length stretches up right to your elbow (well it did to mine!) giving a real sense of security – no splashes of bleach or loo cleaner up my arms, and no incidents where the glove slips down and gets wet inside. The elasticated cuffs make sure they stay put. You can scrub away with complete confidence wearing these little beauties. They are really thick, too, which was brilliant when cleaning out the hair trap in the shower cubicle as I couldn’t actually feel the offending clump of hair and gloop while removing it.

The cotton flock lining helps keep your hands cool and comfortable.

A loud orange colour, they won’t get lost in your cleaning cupboard and, being so thick, they’ll last for many hours of happy scrubbing so are well worth the price.