Chuckit! Fetch Games review

Chuckit! Fetch Games review

We put Chuckit's durable dog toys to the test

Yours Verdict

Price: £18.99
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What they say:

Chuckit! has created a vast range of fun, functional, innovative and high quality fetch toys, with the focus on interaction and giving dogs more ways to play than ever before. The aim is to have a line of ergonomically-designed toys that last longer than any rival products on the market.

What our tester said:

Sally, our bouncy Collie/Lab rescue cross was the ideal volunteer to test out a range of indestructible toys. She has destroyed countless balls and throw toys over the last three years. Those that don’t surrender immediately, may live to bounce a few more days but nothing has ever survived a week. It has always been a struggle to keep a ball that retains its bounce once she has sunk her teeth into it and given it a vigorous telling off.

However, the Chuckit! samples proved the answer to our search for the ever-lasting doggy entertainment.

We started with the brightly-coloured flying squirrel (28cm diameter, £11.99) which is suitable for all sizes of dogs. The resilient, hard-wearing fabric has four durable rubber feet and your throw it like a Frisbee. The raised sides made it easy to pick up and floats in water which added another dimension to playtime at the seaside. This really is excellent for exercising your dog if they love long runs and retrieval games.

The Max Glow Pro Launcher comes in two sizes (46cm and 64cm, both £18.99). Again durable plastic and a clever ergonomic grip glow in the dark handle made this a real success on evening walks. With the launcher you can throw further and you don’t have to touch any slimy balls when you use the product to pick up and throw again.


But it was the erratic ball that proved an enormous hit with Sally. The geometric shape with squared corners which causes the ball to bounce in a variety of directions. It kept her interest high throughout the entire playtime. She loved this ball of fun and it is now her go-to toy when you tell her to go and find her ball. A big success that is perfect for any dogs that love to chase and retrieve.
The Erratic Ball comes in three sizes from small to large (small £7.49 for a pack of two).