Christmas candles on test

Christmas candles on test


Winter Forest Scented Candle, £15, L'Occitane

What we thought: L'Occitane describes it as the the scent of yule logs burning in a Provencal fireplace, which all sounds lovely, but not at all like our own family Christmases! We liked it and the scent filled the house and lasted ages afterwards, too. It's quite a small tin for the money but it promises to burn for 20 hours.

Shearer Frankincense and Myrrh Gift Boxed Candle, currently reduced to £12 from £15, Ocado

What we thought: It didn't really smell very Christmassy, but it did burn quite slowly. The smell wasn't very strong and I definitely think it's a bit more a mature scent, I prefer cookie and sweet smelling candles, where as this was a bit perfumey. It was a lovely rich mauve colour though!

Bee Fayre Winter Scent Candle, currently reduced to £11.29 from £14.95, Ocado
What we thought: This candle smelt more summery than wintery in our opinion, but it gets extra marks for pretty packaging and ethical qualities (a percentage of the profits go to bee charities). However the smell didn't really linger once the candle had been blown out.

Neom Organics Christmas Wish, various prices depending on size starting from £34.95

What we thought: If you're a fan of cloves and orange spice, this is the candle for you. It's a very strong scent - you don't even need to light it for it to perfume the room - and it lasts long after you've blown it out. It's pricey, but the quality is obvious.


Country Candles set of three Winter Warmers, £19.56, from QVC

What we thought: The Red Amber and Clove smelt really Christmassy but rather sweet, while the Ice Hotel was refreshing (and our favourite of the three).

 Genesis Christmas Jar Candle, £14.99, Wayfair

What we thought: Although it's called Fireside we felt this candle had a slightly jasminey air to it. It was pleasant and not overpowering, if not massively festive.

Frosted Cranberry Candle, £10, The Body Shop

What we thought:  It looks like a lovely gift and it did smell rather fruity if a bit sweet when unlit. Pleasant and it did leave a fruity aroma but not bursting with Christmas fragrance.

Apple and Cinnamon Jar Candle, £3, Wilko

What we thought: While the price was right with this candle, and it smelt nice when we held it to our noses, it was rather lacking in the scent department. It didn't make an impact on the room at all, sadly.


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