Children's Easter egg taste test

With spring festivities just around the corner children will soon be expecting a visit from the Easter bunny. If you’re a busy grandparent, or don't fancy traipsing around the shops, we've done the hard work for you. We've tested six supermarket branded children's eggs. Find out how well they scored in the Yours office.

1.   Sainsbury’s White Chocolate Egg with Gummy Mix - £1

Rating: 7/10


This egg is sweet, but not sickly. Kids will enjoy the novelty of breaking open the egg to find a hidden stash of gummy sweets. The gold foil is simple, but the brightly coloured box makes it appealing to children. Excellent value at only £1!


2.   Dairyfine Curious Inventions Egg - £2.99 at Aldi

Rating: 7/10


A colourful egg with really nice smooth tasting chocolate. The egg itself is plain but has nice decorative detail with mini eggs and chocolate jewels. Great for girls and boys who like sweeties more than chocolate. Be prepared to clean up an explosion chocolatey mess once this egg have been devoured. You can't go wrong at only £2.99.


3.   Tesco Doug the Dinosaur - £3.50

Rating 7/10



An adorable, thick chocolate egg – perfect for any dinosaur fans. We think children will love the novelty of receiving a happy dinosaur for an Easter egg. It tastes sweet and chocolatey, but doesn’t come with the nasty after-taste like some cheaper eggs. The design is not particularly colourful which makes it an ideal gift for a girl or a boy. Buy Now


5.   Waitrose Woodland Friends Milk Chocolate Ollie the Owl - £5

Rating 6/10


This egg is sweet tasting, but lacking in flavour. The chocolate is far subtler than some of the other eggs in this category. It’s not particularly colourful, but the owl itself is a charming design. It’s perhaps most suitable for younger children.


5.   M&S Percy and Penny piglets - £10

Rating 6/10


This pink and cream pair of Percy and Penny eggs are super cute and make an ideal gift for girls. The packaging is lovely and bright and pleasing on the eye. However, as adults we found that the chocolate tastes quite artificial and gets very sickly after a few bites, but we did enjoy the cute piglet gummy sweets hidden on the top. A good choice if you know your grandchild will favour appearance over taste.


6.   Morrison's milk chocolate Farmyard Friends - £4

Rating 6/10


These three eggs are adorable! The chocolate tastes quite bland and the pig doesn’t taste of strawberry as you would expect. However, we don’t think kids will care too much about the flavour. We’d recommend this for younger children – each farmyard friend is quite small but really has the cute factor.


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