Braun Activscan 9 Blood Pressure Monitor review

Braun Activscan 9 Blood Pressure Monitor review
Braun Activscan 9 Blood Pressure Monitor £149.99, Boots

Braun Activscan 9 Blood Pressure Monitor £149.99, Boots

What they say:

Comfortable and intuitive blood pressure monitoring. Perfect fit for best comfort and accuracy.

·       Easy grip pinch to open, soft inflation for best comfort, soft texture smooth on the skin.

Keep monitoring and track your progress

·       Supports 2 users (2 x 200 memories), follow your blood pressure trend, irregular heartbeat detection, easy navigation wheel and soft touch buttons, instant data interpretation to World Health Organization guidelines. 

Daily, weekly and monthly averages (7/14/30 days, morning, evening & full day)

What our reviewer thought:

This blood pressure monitor was very easy to use and set up – I didn’t even have to read the instructions! After setting up your profile on the blood pressure monitor, you’re free to test your blood pressure.

It is very easy to wrap the monitor around your arm by yourself using the gentle clamp. Once it is in position and secure around your arm, press the button on the monitor so it knows to start taking your blood pressure. It feels exactly the same as a blood pressure reading at the doctors and takes a similar amount of time.

Once the reading is over, your results instantly appear on the clear screen. At the back of the instructions is a table of what your results mean, so you can easily see if there is anything to worry about or reason to call your doctor.

The monitor also saves your results and your profile meaning you can check your blood pressure regularly and track your health easily. The only issue that would arise is if you live in a household with more than two people who want to record their blood pressure, as the device has a limit of two profiles.

For more information, visit the Braun website.