Price: £35.00
Rating: ★★★★ (4/5)

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What they say:

Melanoma incidence rates have increased by 119% in the UK since the early 1990s* and 1 in 10 (11.7%) moles scanned in Boots UK stores identified by ScreenCancer as needing follow up.  

As part of their mission to raise the health and happiness of the nation, Boots UK is offering, in conjunction with ScreenCancer UK, a Mole Scanning Service* to raise awareness of melanoma among (mainly) young people and try to encourage them, and the rest of the country, to establish a life-long habit of regularly checking their moles. 


What our reviewer says:

Whether you are young or old, looking forward to your holiday in the sun or preparing for the winter freeze, Melanoma awareness is something that should be of concern. The majority of people have moles that could potentially, change and turn into something more sinister. Making it a habit to check your moles and asking for a second opinion (from an expert) if you are worried about any of them, is something that Boots, along with ScreenCancer UK, is keen to encourage people in the UK to do.

Being of the NHS generation, we're probably not in the habit of paying for medical care very much and so when Boots offered us the chance to try their £35 mole screening service, we were keen to see if it merited the price tag (the £35 is for the initial consultation of one mole, after which the price drops to £15 per mole screened).

I was greeted by a friendly Boots Health Care Advisor, trained in the screening (Lolly, if you are reading this, thank you for making me feel very at ease). We went along to the discreet Mole Screening booth, where she closed the curtain and then proceeded to take down a few notes, including which mole I would like screened. I was briefed on the service and handed a handy information leaflet. Using the a powerful imaging tool called SIAscope (it captures images of five components of the skin across different layers), she took two images of the said mole (each half of the mole is photographed separately) and after showing me the images, she sent them straight away to a Dermatologist. I must add, the SIAscope imaging tool, is a lot smaller and less intrusive then I’d anticipated, which was good.

The Dermatologist can then take up to two weeks to produce a report for me on the mole (though Lolly assured me it would be much sooner then that!). I would then receive a text message when the report was produced, with a link to an area on ScreenCancer UK, where I could privately and securely view the results of my scan. And that was it! I was in and out in no less more than 30 minutes.

To my relief, the results from the Dermatologist came back within a few days and I was told there was nothing to worried about in terms of the mole. If there were any concerns, I was told by Boots to take the results to my GP, who would then discuss any further steps. The results are from an expert, so there is no need to feel your GP won’t take any report seriously.


The verdict:

If, like me, you have moles and are becoming increasingly concerned, you really should get the odd one checked out - especially if you'd rather not bother your ever busy GP. Listen to your gut feeling. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing and if you have to part with a little cash to get it, I’d say go for it. It might very well be the first step into avoiding more sinister health problems in the future!  



Where to get the service:

The Mole Scanning Service is available on the high street in 50 selected Boots pharmacies across the UK making it convenient and highly accessible for busy people.  It’s a quick, easy, and painless analysis of moles and pigmented skin lesions. All you need to do is go online to find your nearest location and book an appointment.